notes faves

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Want to get to know Justice better? Here are a few of her faves:

1. Movie? My Sister’s Keeper
2. Hobby? Photography
3. Color? Red
4. Car? Audi Sports Car
5. School Subject? It’s between English & Physics
6. Group? Destiny’s Child


Want to get to know Teri Johnson better? Here are a few of her faves:

1. What’s your perfume? It’s by Christian Dior and it’s called J’adore L’Or
2. Who’s your favorite designer? Cushnie Et Ochs
3. Who’s you favorite author? Malcolm Gladwell
4. Your favorite item that you don’t leave home without? Cell phone and hand cream
5.What do you do for fun? Ride my bike, hang out with friends, Get together, I dance salsa.
6. Who’s your favorite celebrity? Kerry Washington
Favorites: misty
Color? Purple
Vacation Spot? Italy
Thing To Cook? Salmon
Movie? All About Eve
Designer? Christian Louboutin
Sport? Basketball
Book? Something Borrowed Something Blue Series
Want to get to know Katlynn better? Here are a few of her faves:
1. Color? Blue
2. Food to eat? Indian
3. Shoes to wear? A heel or wedge
4. Social media? Instagram
5. Vacation spot? Hawaii
6. Book to read? Wicked