Interview: Newcomer, Officially Devon Continues Striving To Leave A Mark In Music

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All he need is a mic and a beat. He may be young, but there’s a lot more to this young crooner than you may think. Philly artist, Devon is continuing to reach his goal of making a mark in music. Let’s just say, he’s definitely on the right path.

While coming from a musical background, Devon gained an interest in music at an early age. At the tender age of three, Devon’s grandmother set him out to perform publicly for local family and friends. Recognizing his talents, the requests for the young star to sing at weddings and talent shows started pouring in.

A star in the making, Devon then realized that his love for music was a lot stronger than he thought. Music and the stage were his gateways to happiness and his only hopes were to share that with the world.

Taking his music seriously, Devon began putting in time at a local studio to record his first singles, “3:00″ and “Share My World”. Soon after, the singer started doing showcases for Atlantic and Universal records–which in returned gave him just the amount of spotlight he needed.

Since then, Devon went on to work with big names, such as Bryan-Michael Cox, SESAC’s Gregg Smith, and songwriter, Jaylien Wesley.

He recently released a new song called, “Issues”–which is a fun record, speaking on the relationship woes of dealing with a crazy girlfriend.

Embodying a strong work ethic and love for the arts, Devon is steadily working and putting his all into his career. Greatness is only to come.


Check out our exclusive interview with the singer below!


For the readers who don’t already know, could you tell us a little about how you got your start?


Devon: “I started singing in church at the age of three. At thirteen, I won my first talent show. After that moment, I realized that music was what I wanted to do with my life. I fell in love with it the first time I stepped foot on the dance stage, once I started understanding the effect I could have on people. Since thirteen, I’ve been in label situations with Atlantic and Universal doing shows out of New York.”


Growing up, who were some of your musical influences?


Devon: “Prince was my biggest influence–God rest his soul, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Rachelle Ferrell, and Luther Vandross. I fell in love with good music at a very young age. My mom and dad told me when I was two years old they caught me in the backseat singing melodies.”


Who are some of your influences now?


Devon: “First and foremost, I respect anyone doing music because you have to have patience; it changes your life and family dynamic.  Chris Brown is definitely one of my influences; I think he came and changed the game. Trey Songz, I’m influenced by August Alsina in many ways I relate to him, Avery Wilson, and a new artist named, Ro James.”


Reading your bio, I see that you’ve worked with quite a few musical talents, but the one who stands out the most is Bryan-Michael Cox. Tell us how it was getting to work with someone of his caliber?


Devon: “It was actually a goal of mine since I was younger to work with him. When Diddy’s ‘Making the Band’ aired on MTV, my mentor, Mr. Holly, knew my manager who was partners with Cox. One day, in artist development, he asked me who I would want to work with; I said, Brian Michael Cox. Within the next year, Brian and I were rooming together in a house in Hollywood. It was everything I imagined it to be; he was very humble and respectful. Now he’s like a mentor/brother to me. It was on my bucket list and now I can check it off.”


As a newer artist, what would you say is the main challenge you face in this industry?


Devon: “The biggest challenge is being away from my family. It’s tough when I have to travel because I start to miss them. Another challenge is finance. I’m literally a struggling artist. I’m staying at the job I have right now because it’s convenient for my schedule. I can take the time to travel and go to the studio. I’m working to pay for studio time, band rehearsals, and background singers. It’s tough living paycheck to paycheck, but I know wherever I lack, my parents will help me. But, I don’t really like to ask my parents for anything. Also, social media is a challenge for me. I’m such a private person, so I struggle with revealing things about myself to viewers besides music. I try to balance showing my music, and allowing people to get to know me as a person–not just an artist, but I have a team helping me build that.”


Let’s talk about your newest video “Issues”. What was the inspiration behind the record?


Devon:  “I was in the studio and at the time I was in a relationship, having a discussion with my cousin and engineer about women. During the conversation, we were going through tracks to begin writing a new song and I randomly said, “Man she got issues”. [laughs] that’s how the track came about.”


I’ve watched the video and I love how fun and catchy the vibe is. Which scene did you have the most fun shooting?


Devon: “I think the last scene on Runyon Canyon was my favorite. The scene where I had to pick her up and carry her off the set. It was hilarious because there were about 100 people standing around watching us perform. People who were running stopped and watched–some thought it was a real situation. Another scene I enjoyed was the laundromat scene because we weren’t supposed to be there. We asked the manager to shoot there and he told us no because he had customers, but we did it anyway. The whole video was fun to shoot because we came up ideas and put them into play.”


You know we have to ask, have you ever dealt with a girl with similar issues as you described in the video?


Devon: “Oh yeah, definitely. Funny situation, we were chilling I left my phone unlocked on the couch; she found it, went through and found some things. When I came back to the living room, she threw the phone at my forehead. I tried to walk away. The scene in the video where the girl is jumping on my back actually happened.”


Switching gears a bit, who do you hope to work with in the future?


Devon: “This question really hits home for me because the person I wanted to work with is no longer here with us, Prince. His passing was tough for me. I would definitely like to work with Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Babyface, Trey Songz–who I think is an amazing writer, Beyonce, D’Angelo, Maxwell. A ton of people.”


Being in an industry that’s forever growing and can sometimes get hectic, what keeps you motivated to stay focused on the goal?

Devon: “My love for music is what keeps me motivated. As I stated before, I respect anyone who is pursuing music, but I’m not getting what I need. I don’t get the same feeling I did as a kid. Everybody is chasing the same sound; no one is creative anymore. As artists and musicians, it’s our duty to put our all into the work because fans are paying for this. Fans put life and energy into our music; we owe them real music and creativity. We have to get back to loving what we do because when you love what you do you work harder for it.”


What’s next for Devon?

Devon: “I’m trying to be that new young dude that comes and makes my mark in music. I’m in and out of LA working on new music. I have an EP releasing soon that I’m excited about that’s about relationships. It’s a five-song EP with visuals for each song. The plot will be I fall in love with two women and they find out about each other. It’s like a movie because it’s not just about singing it’s a little acting in it also. The dope thing about this EP is that a lot of men can relate to it. I’m excited for people to hear my own music and sound because I do a lot of covers. I hope that people fall in love with it.”



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