Healthy Beauty Snacks For Summer

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These days, there is a lot of talk about diet and how we need to be careful of what we put into our bodies. ‘What goes in, must come out’, right? We all know it’s true, but what’s also true is that there are a handful of foods that are more beneficial for beautiful skin, healthy mind, and an energetic body.

A fruit that is not talked about too often but has a lot of antioxidants that makes skin and nails look pretty and long are blueberries. A serving of blueberries every day will show noticeable signs in just a matter of days. In case someone is not a fan of blueberries, there are many recipes that can make them a little more appealing. Another benefit is that they are not super overpriced and currently in season.

For a healthy mind and good mental health, we need flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of plant metabolites that provide health benefits through cell signalling pathways and antioxidant effects. Flavonoids are found mostly in fruits and vegetables. One of the most effective and tasty ways to get flavonoids is from grapefruits, oranges, and lemons. Drink unsweetened fruit juice from any of these three, squeeze lemon juice over a salad, or just eat an orange. Quick and easy!

Have you ever stuffed your face with a few slices of watermelon and noticed how full you feel after? Not only is watermelon a tasty snack but it is full of water, which our bodies need. What a great way to keep you hydrated on less calories! Watermelon is 92 percent water and a good source of vitamin C, making your immune system stronger.

Now that some delicious and nutritious treats have been revealed, that can help you unveil new found beauty, let’s get to it! Pop those blueberries, peel those oranges, and nibble on that watermelon!

Welcome, summer!