Author & Relationship Expert, Dee ‘Mz. DeeVa’ Shields Maintains A Growing Audience w/ Her Authentic Tips On Love & Relationships

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Actor, singer, politician–whatever you may be in life, there’s always that little piece inside of you wanting your voice to be heard. There’s always that little piece inside of you wanting people to know your story. For author and relationship expert, Dee ‘Mz. DeeVa’ Shields, that was her main goal.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, DeAnna Shields used writing as an outlet to escape the turmoil happening around her. From an abusive relationship to single-parenting, heartbreaks, and the tragic loss of her beloved husband–due to the war in Iraq, Shields found that writing was a safe haven in the midst of the storm.  deesh

Sharing her own story with fellow individuals, Shields began life coaching. Through her teachings, the Texas native has been able to reach a number of people throughout the world of today. Giving off straight-to-the-point and witty, yet positive advice, the author is ‘healing broken hearts one at a time’.

With her various self-published projects–including her newest release, “Reasons He Dates Plus Size”, web radio, and motivational speaking, Shields is taking over the scene in a major way.

Her first national ‘Relationship Talk’ book tour is launching Spring 2016 and will give her a chance to engage with her readers on another level.

Shields also opens her Periscope up every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00p.m. MDT offering weekly advice on love and relationships.

Taking her charisma to new heights, Shields only hopes are to keep inspiring people, while doing what she loves along the way.


What inspired you to write about relationships? Is this something you’ve always wanted to write about?

Dee Shields: “After experiencing a lot of heartbreak in my teen years–from my first husband physically abusing me to relationships with guys who lied and cheated, I wanted to write my heartbreak out in an attempt to reach women who may feel they are experiencing their hurt all alone.


What would you say to your younger self in relationships?

Dee Shields: “I would tell my younger self to hang in there! To accept that life is full of unexpected changes and just when it feels like you cannot go on, a breakthrough of greatness is always around the corner!”


There are a lot of young girls out here who have lost their way due to being in a toxic relationship. Any advice?

Dee Shields: “Do not take young love too seriously. I try to encourage our younger ladies to live their best of life, one day at a time and don’t live beyond their years. Also,  it is important that they keep a positive, trusted friend or family member in the business of their love life; that way, if something odd or unsafe begins to happen that trusted friend or family are aware and able to help them towards the best answers in the situation.
What are four main characteristics that are prominent to maintain a good relationship?

Dee Shields: “My top four characteristics to maintain a good relationship would include honesty, unconditional love, consistency, and effective communication.”
Do you believe in the saying, “No relationship is perfect, but there’s someone out there who’s perfect for somebody.” If so, why?

Dee Shields: “Absolutely. Relationships are going to have challenges. If both people are positive, the challenges will be overcome with an easy, positive flow. When it comes to a lover out there for everyone, I would agree. With an open mind and self-love, any individual can experience a loving relationship  with someone who is best for them.”
What message would you live to convey to your readers?

Dee Shields: “I love to share with my listeners that there is a life of love after experiencing an unexpected heartbreak. Do not give up and love on you immediately after someone has hurt you; it’s the fastest way to healing and moving forward to the next chapter in your life.”


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