3 Ways to Moisturize You May Never Have Thought Of

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Moisturizing is very beneficial! It makes all the difference in the world–and if you want healthy skin and hair, it’s essential to moisturize.  I need to moisturize daily and effectively since I’m prone to dry skin and hair, but finding an efficient and affordable product can be a bit of a chore. Over the course of being a poor college student and predisposed to dehydrated skin, (we’re talking Sahara desert, honey), I’ve learned that the affordable secret to moisturizing efficiently are ESSENTIAL OILS! I know I probably sound like your grandmother up to her home remedy tricks again, but seriously there is so much magic in using oils, and I guarantee after giving them a try, you won’t look back. There are so many different oils that can be used for almost anything you can think of, but here are my top three quick and easy ways to moisturize using affordable essential oils.



Moisturizing In the Shower  

This is my go-to method to moisturizing my body when I’m in a hurry or too tired to moisturize when I get out of the shower; I promise you it works! All you need is some coconut oil (organic is preferred) and a moisturizing bath soap or body wash (Dove, Olay, or a similar product will work just fine). Before lathering up with soap during a shower, apply a generous layer of coconut oil all over your body (don’t forget your feet). Since your skin is most likely wet, the oil won’t completely absorb into your skin but rub it in as best as you can. After this, stand under warm to hot shower water for about two minutes, this melds the oil to your skin. Then, wash (with the moisturizing soap) and rinse as usual. When you finish and dry off, you’ll find that a thin layer of the coconut oil remained on your skin leaving it smooth and moisturized with a soft glow. This is usually enough for me and I slip on my pajamas and jump into bed. But, if you want to go the extra mile, you can apply your favorite lotion or body cream now that your skin is dry. Also, if you want to give your feet a little TLC, wear a pair of socks to bed, when you take them off in the morning your feet will feel oh so smooth!



If you have naturally curly or kinky hair that tends to dry out easily, then this method just might be your hair’s saving grace. However, you can still apply this method if you have naturally straight or relaxed hair and get great results. The simple trick to sealing the moisture in your hair is to use an essential oil. If you’ve tried this before but didn’t get desired results, it may have been because you didn’t use the right oil for your hair texture. If your hair is naturally straight/relaxed or if your curl pattern starts with 2 or 3, go for a light oil, like coconut or grapeseed. If your curl pattern starts with a 4 and is prone to dryness, go for a thicker oil, like olive oil or, my favorite, castor oil (This oil is really thick, so a little goes a long way. You don’t want to be too heavy-handed, or you’ll end up with limp stringy hair). There are different methods using oils to moisturize the hair, but I’m going to be describing the W.C.O. (water, cream, oil) method. Start off by making sure your hair is properly moisturized by first applying water to your hair. You can use a spray bottle or simply rinse your hair. If your hair is longer, it might be easier to work in sections. Then apply your favorite cream moisturizer. You want to make sure that the first ingredient in the cream moisturizer is water–this ensures that it is, in fact, a moisturizer. Once again, your hair texture determines whether or not you should use a light or heavy cream. If you have straight hair or loose curls, use a light cream. If you have kinky or tight coily hair, use a heavy cream. Now, it’s time to apply the oil–which will seal in the moisture for soft manageable hair, but first, you’ll want to determine your hair’s porosity (how it retains moisture). If you don’t already know the porosity level of your hair, here’s a simple test. Take a few dead strands of hair (from a comb or brush) and drop them in a small cup full of water; leave it there for thirty minutes. If you come back and the strands are floating above the water, you have low porosity hair. If the strands have sunk to the bottom you have high porosity hair. If the strands are somewhere in the middle (not at the bottom or floating on top of the water), you have normal or medium porosity hair. This is important because it determines when you should apply oil to your hair for optimal results. If you have high porosity hair, apply a decent amount of oil to your hair while it is still drenched in water and the cream moisturizer. If you have low porosity hair, let your hair dry a little until it is damp (not too wet, not too dry) and then apply a decent amount of oil. If you have normal porosity hair, you can apply the oil whenever you see fit since your hair tends to retain moisture pretty well. Afterward, allow your hair to completely dry and voila, moisturized soft hair with a healthy shine.



My face tends to get really dry during the winter and summer. I also use a retinoid cream for anti-aging and blemish control that has the adverse effect of making my skin peel. I’d tried every lotion/moisturizer made for dry skin and nothing would help. While researching to find some sort of remedy, I came across the oil cleansing method and it worked like a charm. The method is used to soothe and prevent dry skin on the face, to balance the natural oils on your face, and to give the face a natural dewy glow. Start by choosing an oil–any essential oil will do the job, but since you will be using it on your face, make sure it is organic. Also, if your skin is acne-prone, use an oil that won’t clog your pores or irritate your skin, a good choice would be castor oil or grapeseed oil. Apply the oil to your face before washing. Take a generous amount and simply massage it on your face for about a minute. Rinse your face or wipe off the oil with a wet washcloth. Afterward, follow up by washing your face with your favorite face wash. This will remove most of the oil to keep it from clogging your pores, but will leave just enough to seal in your skin’s moisture for a nice healthy glow. Apply a face moisturizer if desired, but this method moisturizes my face pretty well and I don’t usually need to. After about two weeks of using this method, you’ll notice a positive change in the overall appearance of your face, this method even clears up unwanted acne and blemishes.