Super Food For Super Skin

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Fruit and vegetables
Many of us have heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. Dermatologist and Nutritionist confirm this phrase to be true. What goes into our mouths has a direct impact on what comes out of our skin.This realization can worry you as you begin to visualize that large soda, extra large fries, or grande burrito you ate for lunch today. However, I urge you to breathe easy knowing that your sisters at Polish Magazine are here for you and on the case.

The good news is that you have the power to choose smooth, sexy, and healthy skin every day at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert–which can often be the biggest challenge. Now, this can be difficult with little knowledge and even less time on your hands. In order to help, I have compiled a list of foods that will give your skin a gorgeous natural glow for summer. The best part is that most of these items can be easily found at your nearest grocery store or supermarket.

They are easy to consume and affordable–which honors our busy schedules and our wallets or piggy banks (depending on how old you are).




The first food on my list (drum roll) would be eggs. I chose eggs because they are very cheap to buy and
easily accessible. Eggs contain zinc, which is essential in helping the body to heal wounds. The more zinc, the faster your skin will heal. Those wounds can include scars and/or marks left over from severe acne. Zinc also makes the skin soft and supple. Eggs can also be used externally to make various face masks that keep the skin tight and radiant. Eggs are essential to our healthy well-being and they are so affordable. If you want radiant skin, don’t “break the bank”; go break some eggs. For breakfast, choose eggs instead of cereal.




Second on my list are carrots. Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and C, which helps to provide protection against countless skin problems. Drinking carrot juice daily has been shown to get rid of scars and skin blemishes. It also helps to maintain the flexibility of your skin through its production of collagen. In this way, it is an anti-aging vegetable as well. No wonder Bugs Bunny stills look so great after all of these years. Carrot juice can also be applied daily to scars for fast healing. Choose carrots as a healthy snack throughout the day.




Number three on the list is fresh fish. That’s right. Smoked salmon and even canned tuna contain large amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamin D. This powerhouse combination gives skin a beautiful natural glow. It prevents the skin from drying out and promotes elasticity. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help sufferers of skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. Consuming wild caught salmon three times a week can provide glow and radiants to the skin. At lunch time, try some tuna or salmon instead of chicken.




The fourth food on my list, which happens to be my favorite, is turmeric. This ancient spice that is native to South Asia and popular in Indian cuisines has been known to tighten your skin, give it a natural glow, get rid of oily skin and stretch marks, and to treat eczema. Now you see why it is my favorite. Turmeric can also be combined with aloe vera gel, rice flower, and orange juice to make a brilliant face mask. Just don’t leave it on for too long because its bright yellow color can stain. If used properly, turmeric can give you a gorgeous natural summer glow that will have everyone asking you what makeup foundation you are wearing. To this, you must reply, “Thanks to Polish Magazine.” Please give us our props. Try adding some turmeric to your tea along with some honey before bed.




The final item on my list is none other than the main source of life. Something that we cannot live without. Water. In a lot of ways, water is the most important item on this list. Water keeps your skin hydrated while increasing blood flow under your skin. This prevents wrinkles, cracks, dryness, and irritation. Dehydration causes changes in your oil glands which can trigger acne outbreaks. Drinking a jug of water at once isn’t highly recommended since your body will soon after nudge you to make it to the restroom ASAP. This will just rid you of all the water you consumed. It is better to drink eight to ten glasses of water per day. Spread out these glasses to be consumed throughout the day and not all at once. This will keep your body steadily and consistently hydrated. After dessert, ask for an extra cup of water before leaving the restaurant.


There are so many different skin products on television, in magazines, and on the internet. Sometimes all we need to do is open up the refrigerator in order to see that positive difference in our skin we have been looking for. Share what you learn with your friends and family because everyone deserves beautiful healthy skin.