Power Girl of the Month: Egypt Ufele

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Egypt “Ify” Ufele is a preteen that we all can look up to. Miss Ify was unfortunately  bullied by other kids at her school for her weight; so she did something about it. Egypt Ufele is a plus-size fashion designer who is only 10 years old! She created her brand, Chubiiline, where she encourages other young teens to embrace who they are no matter their size. This 10-year-old fashionista has had her work shown at New York’s Fashion week, NBC News, Virgin Islands Fashionista Fashion show, and so much more.

Miss Ify’s dream all started when she was bullied at school. This strong young lady went through bullying that no one should go through at any age. “I was bullied, and they called me all kinds of names. One time I got stabbed with a pencil,” Ufele told NBC. To cope with bullying she made fashion pieces. Her fashion pieces all started with her designing clothing for her dolls. “She started making doll’s clothes with a regular sewing needle with the hand. And she started designing clothes and sketching,” Nellie Rembert, Ify’s grandmother, said to “Today.” Her simple clothing designs for her dolls turned into her worldwide fashion line known as Chubiiline.

Chubiiline is a fashion line that brings an African flare. Many of her pieces contain vibrant colors and patterns that represent her culture. According to her website, Ufele’s designs, Chubiiline, are about “bringing Africa to American, one design at a time.”  All of her work has paid off when she received The Danny Glover Power of Dreams award, but she is not stopping there. Miss Ify longtime goal is to design and dress the First family of the United States, President Obama’s family.

Overall, Miss Ify has taught us that bullying is a serious problem. Bullying can happen in many shapes and forms, from teasing, being hurtful, verbal  abusive, etc. Remember bullying is never okay and if your dealing with bullying or if you are a bully, then don’t be scared to speak up.

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