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This Michigan teen is truly the definition of focused. She has very big goals for her life, and with God’s guidance, she plans on fulfilling them. She is currently a Freshman in college, a model, and an actress. She enjoys helping others and serving God. Everything she does is to give God glory. She’s a very selfless young lady; and even with the struggles that she has faced in the past she takes those challenges head on and makes the best of each situation. She’s an active member in her church, and makes a constant effort to reach out to the other teens. Her early days in modeling led to acting and acting then led to pageants.

Recently the 15-year-old was crowned America’s Virtuous but has confessed that she is more into community service than pageants these days. She is an active participate in different organizations that are dedicated to helping young people and quadriplegics. And even though she’s has so much on her plate she handles it all with grace. She is truly a role model and a perfect example of a God fearing woman.

Renae: How do you manage all of your school work and extracurricular?
Rocke Jones:
I go to school early in the morning and then I have practice right after until 9:30 to 10. And right when I get home I do my homework after I do all my homework. I do my homework any time I can. In between practice or class whenever I can. Literally I wouldn’t be able to do anything without God on my side. I would be way overwhelmed.

Renae: Does balancing all of that ever become too stressful?
Rocke Jones:
It does get stressful, but what keeps me up, keeps me going, because I love what I do, I love it a lot. And I don’t want to not ever do it.  I really do have to pray and keep my mind focused on God.  

Renae: Do you speak any other languages?
Rocke Jones:
So my my Dad broke his neck 3 years ago I was in the hospital with him for the whole summer and like I was there every day. I got bored a lot so I taught myself Greek, and then I taught myself Spanish and I learned a little bit of other languages like Spanish and Arabic but I can speak Greek and Spanish almost fluently.

Renae: Do you have a motto that you live by?
Rocke Jones
: I live by “It’s not over until God says it’s over” So I keep my mind straight because I know that I‘m going to have the victory.  I’m going towards not and not being world. That keeps me sane every day.

Renae: How did it feel to be crowned Miss Virtuous?  In comparison to other competitions, how was this one?
Rocke Jones:
That one was the least stressful because it was just me speaking on what God has brought me here to say so I just let God just use me as I a vessel to speak through. It was the least stressful pageant I’ve ever had…

Renae: What does it take to become miss virtuous?
Rocke Jones:
To be strong and faithful to God. Like you don’t have to let everyone in the world know that you are praying every night or fasting but you need to make sure that you have your relationship with God all straight before you can go out and minister to other young women who are off track. You need to make sure that you’re focused first.

Renae: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Rocke Jones:
I’m in college right now and next year I’m going to be pre-med at U of M. So in 5 years I want to graduate from there. I can still see myself modeling but I still want to do community service and talk to people.

Renae: Do you see yourself as a role model?
Rocke Jones:
Yes, but I don’t see myself as a role model because I wear a crown; it’s about the way I want to help people in the community and what I do in school and with young women and kids.

One way (that I do community service) is I went to the hospital to help inspire people who were down. I went to the area where they were quadriplegics (people who are paralyzed from the neck down) and I went into the hospital to help make them feel like they can smile and be happy because when my Dad broke his neck I was in there and there were some people who didn’t have any visitors and didn’t know how to be happy. So I wanted to go there and make them inspired to be happy, but one day I met this girl named Danielle. Let me tell you! I got so inspired, she lite up the whole room. She can’t move, she can only move her mouth and she said if it wasn’t for God, she wouldn’t even be here. She was so positive and it was amazing.

Now I go to different churches and I speak on purity and also courting before dating. I also talk to different youth groups. 

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