5 Beauty Products to Revamp Your Routine for the New Year

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The new year is here! That means new fitness routines, resolutions and most importantly – a new start. Start the new year right & revamp your makeup kit with these five products that can make a huge difference in your everyday makeup look.

1. Highlighter

Highlighter is one of the most underrated beauty products you need to add to your arsenal. When you put foundation on, the natural highlights of your face are erased. Adding that dimension back to your face gives the skin a natural glow and give the face shape.

2. Lip Stain

This year, skip the lipstick and go straight for the stain. The oils in lipstick make it smudge and wear off quickly. Lip Stains are made without oils and stay on your lips all day. The best part? They can double as stains for your cheeks too! You’ve got to love a two-in-one product.

3. Tinted Moisturizer

“No-Makeup” makeup is in! You no longer need heavy foundation to look your best, a few flaws peaking through is incredibly flattering. Tinted Moisturizer does a great job of evening out the skintone, while keeping the face looking natural and dewy – perfect for running errands or a low-key makeup day.

4. Brown Mascara

Black mascara is great, but it adds a certain drama to your look that isn’t always the best for day-time. Brown Mascara on the other hand defines the eyes and accentuates the lashes without giving you a “made-up” look. Give it a try!

5. Peach Blush

A natural flush on the cheeks is the cherry to top any look. But, this year don’t go for the typical pink and berry. Spice it up with a little peach. It goes well with the majority of skin tones and adds a slight glow to the cheeks.

I hope this year will be full of new beauty adventures, discoveries and obsessions for you. Try a few of these products to revamp your beauty collection – you won’t be disappointed.


Nicole Whitehall | Makeup Artist