Jarrett Arthur

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A lot of damage can be done to teens without confrontational skills! Jarrett Arthur’s passion is helping teens transform through self-defense training and education. She is one of the highest ranking female Krav Maga black belts in the U.S., who comes armed with years of teaching experience and has taught hundreds of men, women, and children over the course of her 10 year career.

Jarrett has been featured as an expert on national television shows including Ellen, Access Hollywood and Good Day LA, as well as in numerous publications including Fitness Magazine and The New York Times.  A lot of Jarrett’s work, particularly with teens, focuses on giving them permission to have a voice; to agree to disagree with situations that cause them to feel uncomfortable, or worse, that inflict emotional, psychological or physical harm.

Azalea: What caused you to first start taking self-defense classes?
Arthur: Interestingly it was my mom who caused me to start taking classes, at the time I did not have any interest in self-defense I felt like I was tough enough and that I was able to handle myself. So it was really my mom who pressured me into taking the class because she felt I really needed to know this stuff. So eventually I took the class and from my first time taking it I absolutely feel in love with it.

Azalea: What positive changes do you see occurring in our female youth as a result of your classes?
Arthur: I think that we as women in this society are made to feel powerless or small and in female adolescence we often face the feeling of self-doubt and not knowing who you are that can add to that feeling of powerlessness so the biggest transformation that I see in my female students is that reclamation of their own power on the inside and it’s a big thing for me to watch…..it’s amazing. And it makes me wish that as a child I had taken some type of self-defense class to help with my own personal struggles as a teen.

Azalea: Where else in our life do you see teens and females using these techniques?
Arthur: Well there are really only two areas of usage for self-defense techniques. First the most obvious reason which is crime does exist and it happens to women in much higher numbers than men. That’s just the way it is. A lot of the time I have people come up to me after the fact or after a violent situation women feel powerless. And though it’s never to late to gain back the feeling of power and safety, the emotional, psychological and mental scars that are left never really go away you are left with this for the rest of your life. They stay with you and they effect you in some way.

So if there is a way to prevent things like this from happening through self-defense classes then let’s do it! You’ll find yourself better set up to avoid traumatic situations and the psychological side-effects that go with them. The second area is any area in your life where confidence and control is needed. For me that’s pretty much every area in my life wether romantic or personal family or friends to school life and how you approach your studies and even as far as getting a job one day, and learning how to deal with confrontation in the work place. There really is no place where the application of confidence is not needed and this confidence is gained through self-defense.

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