Indoor Rock Climbing

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If you’re feeling the urge to get outside for some fitness, but the weather has you feeling like you’re trapped. Well no worries because I have found a great indoor activity for you. Indoor rock climbing! Yes you heard me right, this is a great activity to do in the winter. Plus there are excellent benefits to rock climbing. Try it and I guaranteed you’ll have a rocking good time!

1. Improves Mental Health

Rock climbing requires problem solving skills and a great deal of concentration. As you climb, you must figure out the footholds and handholds and decide your each and every move. Because of the amount of concentration it requires, sport climbing can become very meditative. This meditative state can improve your mental health as you train your brain to concentrate and problem solve, as well as boosting your mood.

2. Improves Flexibility

Climbing causes you to stretch your muscles for long periods of time. As you reach for the next handhold or foothold, you are stretching and bending, which over time can improve your flexibility.

3. Strengthens Cardiovascular Muscles

Rock climbing is good for your heart. Besides being one of the best all around workouts you can get, it is a great way to strengthen and tone your heart muscles. Sport climbing can burn up to 550 calories an hour, which means your heart is really pumping! This improves cardiovascular health, which can lead to a longer life, more energy, and stronger lungs.

4. Helps Maintain Your Weight

Rock climbing can help you to maintain a healthy weight. You can burn a significant amount of calories while climbing.

5. Builds Muscle Strength

It is one of the best exercises available to build and improve muscle strength and tone. When climbing, you use your entire body to pull yourself from one handhold to the next, making sport climbing an awesome whole body workout.